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Sagwan is a hardwood tree valued for the superior quality of its wood. The “King of Woods” title is given to teak. The technical name for teak is Tectona Grandis, however, it is referred to in Nepal as Sagaun Rukh(). There are three species in the Tectona genus. The spread of Grandis is the largest and it is the most widely used; the other two are significantly more localized. This tree can be found in South Asian nations like India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Myanmar. It is relatively uncommon in all-natural woods. 

It is largely developed as a business. The government controls the largest natural teak (Sagwan Tree) forest in the world, which is found in Myanmar. Sagwan wood is renowned for its premium wood, toughness, lightweight, and simplicity of carving.

Teak wood is a representation of refinement and luxury. It stands for the best technique to add a sophisticated atmosphere to your home or place of business. It is one of the most sought-after species for goods like doors that require dimensional stability because it is inherently sturdy and highly resilient to environmental factors.

Additionally, significant doors made of teak wood provide impressive entrances with a regal appearance that leaves a lasting impact on everyone who sees them. 







We now offer four benefits of utilizing teak wood for your doors as we continue this theme.

  1. Durable Cosmetic Appeal

Your doors become the most attractive element in your interiors thanks to the distinctive texture and color patterns of teak wood. Teak’s durability makes it adaptable and enables designers to produce a range of designs, something that is impossible with softer woods. Teak’s water resistance keeps teak door designs from splintering, maintaining their smooth appearance over time. The timer’s high oil content protects it from rot, fungal infections, and flaws caused by chemicals and metals, preserving the door’s attractiveness for a very long time.

  1. Furthermore, High Dimensional Stability

Teak is a strong wood that is incredibly sturdy when compared to both soft and hard woods. Teak is extremely sturdy due to its high weight-to-volume ratio, which also makes teak door frame designs. Teak is highly oil and rubber content, which makes teak doors waterproof and long-lasting. When exposed to moisture, teak wood doors and door frames maintain their dimensions and do not contract or expand.

  1. Low Maintenance/Upkeep

Teak wood doors don’t need extensive maintenance to keep looking good. To maintain their glossy appearance, all they need to do is wipe them down with a cotton cloth. Teak doors are dependable, strong, and attractive because of their high oil content, which provides them the strongest resistance to the deterioration of any wood. Additionally, when exposed to metals and strong chemicals, doors made of teak wood do not darken or deform.

  1. Weather and pest resistance

Teak is waterproof and durable due to the tight grain that is packed in with natural oils and rubber. Teak is still resilient, thus teak door designs are never at risk from termite or fungal assaults or the negative effects of exposure to heat and dampness. Teak’s ability to ward off insects and withstand the elements significantly lengthens the life of your doors.

  1. Future Sustainability

The health of our earth benefits greatly from the use of teak wood. One of the advantages of teak wood doors is their sustainability. Typically, this beautiful variety of wood is grown in meticulously run tree farms. Modern methods of harvesting and replanting aid in preserving this population. This guarantees the survival of this great species for many years to come. In addition, the presence of this hardwood species relieves strain on other species that aren’t as well protected and cared for.


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